Irresponsible Grace



I believe that instead of calling it “hyper-grace” we should refer to that movement as “irresponsible-grace.” Because whenever I talk to advocates of the hyper-grace movement they try to sound biblical by using Gospel terminology to release themselves from their responsibility in sanctification.  They speak of Christ’s work on the cross as if it accomplished their entrance into Heaven 2000 years ago, but has no effect on their lives today.  They speak as if Christ died to give them a right standing before God, but claim that His work has no effect on their current heart, behavior and purity.   They deflect all responsibility and redirect to Christ’s work 2000 years ago, and they seem to have no regard for Christ’s work inside of the hearts and lives of believers right now in this day.


“Irresponsible-grace” is a grotesque misrepresentation of who Christ is, what He has accomplished, and how He sanctifies and builds His people throughout their lives.  Where in Scripture has Christ ever allowed His Church to use Him as an excuse for irresponsibility and sin?  Christ said, “Go, and sin no more.”  And that command was not a heavy burden!  Christ’s work on the cross saved us, and He ascended into Heaven, and He has given His people the Holy Spirit to comfort, sanctify and purify them more and more until we are finally glorified; and the means by which He does that is by infusing in us a loving, thankful responsibility and obligation to follow the many commands and heed the many warnings in the Holy Scriptures.  Christ did not die to make you irresponsible.  Christ is not irresponsible; Christ’s grace is not irresponsible; and neither are Christ’s people ever given an out to justify any irresponsibility.  We are responsible for following His commands and heeding His warnings in Scripture.  There is nothing about Christ that indicates any irresponsibility whatsoever.  Christ did not stop working with His people the day He died on the cross.


Christ is alive and sitting at the right hand of God and He is directly involved in the lives and hearts of every single believer; growing them and transforming them and giving them hunger for obedience and renewing their minds and steering their hearts and controlling their affections and strengthening their assurance and motivating them and driving them to holiness and increasing their responsibility and widening their understanding and developing their maturity and emptying their self-will and turning them towards Him and increasing their love for others and purifying their motives and heightening their awareness of sin and directing their steps and conforming them to His Word and He is still actively preparing His Bride!


Don’t you dare leave Christ on the cross!  He is not impotent and He has not abandoned His Church whom He loves perfectly!  Don’t you dare accuse His grace of being lazy and without effect!  You are in direct violation and conflict with God’s Word every time you invoke “irresponsible-grace.”  His grace is fully responsible, and we are fully obligated and dutiful for our lives in Him, and He is worthy and His love is active, present and endures forever within the minds and hearts of those that belong to Him.  Every time a professing Christian rejects responsibility for his life and sanctification, he casts reproach on God and accuses Christ of being irresponsible.   yYou are obligated to take responsibility for yourself and take responsibility for your neighbor and lovingly grab hold of the power of the Holy Spirit with thankful, faithful obedience to the Word of God! 


Taking responsibility right now and struggling for excellence and holiness are manifestations of the Spirit of Christ within you, and they are the inevitable consequence of His work on the cross in the lives of those who have faith in Him.  Apart from faith in Christ there is no salvation, and faith without works is dead.  If you are not encouraged by Him and His work and death and resurrection and ascension, motivated by Him and His work and death and resurrection and ascension, and enduring with Him because of His work and death and resurrection and ascension; what makes you think you even know Him or have any relationship with Him at all?  If Christ is not your Lord, then you cannot possibly be saved.  No more irresponsible-grace!  There is no such thing as irresponsible-grace in the Bible aside from the false ideology which belonged to the liars and false converts.  The Biblical example of grace is extremely active, responsible, potent; and it is continuously transforming the minds, hearts and lives of all that are His.  His grace is constantly driving them to take responsibility for themselves and relentlessly calling them to action., and this is precisely the same thing He does with true believers today.